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Monday, January 21, 2013

Historic Day

President Obama’s second inauguration.
The Public one: 1/21/2013

Obama calculates his repetition
to be the jingle we all sing as we
leave and live:   We the People. 
We the People.
We the People.

He was made for this moment,
to stand and to stop “treating
name calling as reasoned debate.”
To reason, remake, reform,
revamp and re-energize.

Obama reminds citizens we must
execute God-given rights, that we
must be equal not only in God’s
eyes, but in our own eyes be
we, the People.

I had forgotten and worked with my poetry correspondance right through his inaugeral address.  I just finished listening to it at the  NYTimes and You Tube.  As impressive as his others, this one stripped away the icing and went straight to his points.  He said words like slave and strap and sword and, in general, made no bones about his agenda.  He never said the word compromise--he said "Do it for your children and grandchildren."  Everyone looked frozen except for Obama who is as if a torch in our midst. 

This is our history, he says. 
This is what we said we believe. 
We, the people, still believe it.


1 comment:

AJ Walker said...

Very nice summation of what he said.

I watched it with my son and was so happy we did.

What did you think of Richard Blanco's poem?

I created a Prompt of the Week in honor of the inauguration in Poets of G+

Pretty sure you can read them even if you don't want to join.