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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guilty, Not

A hand that could curl around the handle of a gun 
and reach with the trigger finger could surely throw 
a punch up close and effectively.  Maybe not.

Racial Profiling was at play in the beginning 

and end of the action, in the "not guilty" of the verdict, 
when we were so certain of the guilt.  Bewildered.

We had such clarity that we didn't even call for

a Jury of His Peers until too late--because
who would've thunk?  Ugly. Small. Law.

Since the murder of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman, my hands have been cold and my head has been spinning.  Lyrica and Ibuprofen have been ineffective.  Only poetry has helped.  And thoughts of new ways of treating conflict proven by Nelson Mandela in South Africa.  And lots of prayer.

These poems and poets in particular have given me minutes of clarity:
(1) Velveteen Rabbit and her JULY 17, 2013  poem after Tisha b'Av "WATER FROM THE SOURCE" which addresses blessings fasting and growing while in "the fallen temple of justicemothers wailing for their sons --"
(2) Mama Zen at Another Damn Poetry Blog, where her poem "Not Yet" releases both astonishment and anger.
(3) At her blog, LaTonya's "Lobster Boil" releases both hopelessness and anger.  
       (4)  At Blog Over Easy: We stand our Ground

And there will be more to expand this list.
Add your links, please.

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