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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Doves and. Machines

Let this blow your mind as it blew mine:

It is from the 1969 film Picasso Summer starring Albert Finney and Yvette Mimieux.  Adapted into a screenplay by Ray Bradbury from his short story “In a Season of Calm Weather,” it is set to music by Michel Legrand.  Despite a weak plot, the music and three animated sequences by Wess Herschensohn moved me no end!  Not only did they explore Picasso in a way that helped me to see his work more clearly, the one sequence above also widened my perception of war. After watching the above, I turned off the film to search it on the web, and found this:

and this:

Together, these three videos entered my life as Picasso's Guernica never had before!  In my search, I found that the creative reactions to Picasso's Guernica may rival commentary on any Shakespeare play.  

Here is my own:

Slate grey noon and rain in June
sat me down to pull war and people
from out my 2D cartoon-framed
vision in a sheltered life not Iraq,
Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Israel, Palestine and elsewhere. 
are gone but not foot soldiers engaged to
dishearten from land mines and hidden bombs:
providers, mothers, priests, and young ones with
explosives strapped to their childhoods.
are there too close to open-eyed blood we
pour in to food, zapping out strength and hope
drowning all openings to the villains’ millions,
         billions—not humans, but dollars—trillions.

Copyright © 2013 S.L.Chast

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