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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing as Healing

I ride on emotion as if it were language, a trusted transport into meaning—not definitions, but rhythms and feelings that lead me where I want to go as swiftly as a November wind.

But I do not know the name of the horse I am riding, be it tame or wild, love or .... A giddy rider now, screamingly happy, I fear that if I stop to name a vortex will flush me. 

If I stop, something precious will keep going, will drop my hand  and leave me tumbling, eye glasses smashed, teeth broken, nose and knees bleeding, blood writing.  

But if I don't dismount, I will lose myself as if a Frodo who could not destroy his magic ring.  As if a Dorothy asleep in a field of forgetfulness, I will lose my choice.  

So drop. I will myself.  Stumble.  Find name and voice.  Write names, say them, touch them, welcome the horse, then remount and ride words dangerously in wind and sea and city.  

Nothing is more precious


Re-posted 5/19/2013 for Poets United  Poetry Pantry - #150,  after major revision--but still not quite settled.  Perhaps if you say what you see, I will know how to proceed.

This writing is inspired by Kim Nelson's 5/8/2013 suggestion to share a self healing  (which this is), a concrete instance (which this is not), and 100 words or less (which this is not)--I will go and write that poem next now that this is off my chest.  Thank you Kim and Poets United!   Visit my poem, "Getting On With It," here.


  1. This is beautiful writing, Susan... I can relate!

  2. Powerful writing and I can also very much relate!

  3. nice...i def know the feeling of things rushing on and the fear if you stop that it will go on without you....there is power in the naming though, that is for sure...felt piece susan...

  4. We are all on our journey....we just have to keep going and go where 'the horse' leads us. I think the horse will lead to being able to use one's own voice, finding the words one was meant to write.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I think you know this from experience.

  5. Love this song...and I love the way you bring us through the poem on such strong visuals. Thanks!

  6. Oh I love the velocity and flurry of this poem. I remember times when my writing slowed to a trickle, so I relish hen the writing comes thick and fast, as does this wonderful poem about the writing process. Ride that horse, gallop over field and meadow.

    1. Velocity! Furry! I love when, after slow and painful slashing and reforming, the illusion of thick and fast still remains--or maybe it improves.

  7. This is simply great. And I love the video, too!

  8. But I do not know the
    name of the horse I am
    riding, be it tame or wild, love or

    One often gets carried away with out knowing the real situation. But as long as one keeps his head it is ok. Things will fall into place. Truly said Susan!



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