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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wanting to get on with it!

I want to finish the draft of my novel this year, but cannot stir myself.  So I wrote this poem--though part of the problem is how to turn away from the poetry for a while.  It isn't taking me deep enough into the knowledge I want to put forth from my life.  Ah me.  Deep Sigh.  This poem needs a better title:

Wanting a Drink

Sitting in Meeting for Worship and seeking clearness on my path
Watching a cat turn an empty couch into an absent mother
One clump of fabric after another becoming her belly, her breast—

It is the teat of God I want to suck on for knowledge of my path now,
Why my reluctance to work hard every day in this luscious time to write
I've set aside, journals in the living room, computer in the study

Novel opens to page 46 on paper and screen; conflict is set—
Maybe I don’t know enough yet—ha!—If not, I never will
At least not without climbing into the writing itself

So let me pump your breast, my God, let Sophia meet me there
Rich and milky, let me re-nurture there like a son and a daughter
My thirst is beyond water and blood, beyond the earth.

Copyright © 2013 S.L.Chast

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Brian Miller said...

i am curious...did you say poetry is not taking you deep enough? because of space or because it is taking your time?

as to writing...a story will write itself when it is ready..i am sure you have outlined? story boarded?

Susan said...

Yes to the outline. This is the same old novel that I posted a couple of chapters from on this blog a few months back. It is a vehicle for a feminist performance art character, and it is rather good so far. (I love that that is true!) I have done all you say, but sort of put it away through NaPoWriMo and the two operations. So now, walk over to the box . . .
I'm actually hoping that posting this difficulty will erase it.

Heaven said...

I do hope you find the thirst and teat of God, so your writing of your project can proceed ~ The disciplines are the same, but the techniques are rather different, I suppose ~ Prose writing is my challenging form, so I hope the time will be productive for you ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Your discomfort is signalling the novel's readiness to continue.......I know in times when my writing had stalled or slowed, I found it all came back and started to flow if I just kept writing day after day, until it gained a momentum of its own. Am sure you do this all the time.

I find it easier to write prose as you can use so many words to say what you want. Harder to make an impact with the brevity of a poem, so it is a good exercise in greasing the wheel:)

I believe it is getting ready to start coming at you at such a pace you can barely keep up. Keep us posted!

Claudia said...

oh heck...i couldn't even imagine to write a novel.. just the thought scares me to death..ha...smiles...i like what bri says that it writes itself when it's ready...so you just have to let it ripen maybe..? smiles

Susan said...

Just like an apple!

Susan said...

Your comments are like good wishes, Helen and Sherry and Claudia. And I believe you are write, Sherry, discomfort is the sharp edge of readiness. I'll stick around and enjoy the discomfort for awhile.