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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hal Sirowitz

Unknown Event Picture
             Hal Sirowitz
          at the 
          Green Line Cafe
4426 Locust st.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
on Feb 19 at 7:00 PM 
I went and had a WONDERFUL time!
          Treat yourself to a Hal Sirowitz experience.

The poems Hal Sirowitz treated us to at his reading tickled me--really--in the way a family member can when you don't want to break and laugh but have to.  Leonard's family moments hit me like that--I recognized the situations in my funny bone and couldn't hide the groans and laughter even at such things as brown spots on underwear.  I went home from the reading and read all I could find of, by, and about him on the internet.  

I had the presence of mind before leaving the Green Line Cafe to tell Hal that he had given me the courage to step down off of the pedestal of poetry where the set ideas live about how to make it denser and denser.  He gave me trust in the day to day as subject matter for poetry.  

Thank you, Leonard Gontarek, for presenting this evening and others like it every month.

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