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Friday, September 7, 2012

RAMBLES FROM MY CHAIR - my main blog: More about Real Toads

I am a member of  The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads* where I link my poetry in order to get the feedback and practice I need to become a better poet.  You need not be a member to be active in the blog, you just have to actively participate with poetry and responses to other poets.  I felt quite alone as a poet until I ran into the garden where I feel safe to write and read.  Every other day, members of the garden post a challenge or another stimulation for our writing--it may be a new form to write in, a painting or a poem to respond to, an interview of a poet or an introduction to a more obscure historical poet.  The variety is important, because I never feel that I am in school. 
Picture of Toad - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com
Creative Commons*
If you are a poet--or even just a beginning poet--you should visit to see what it is like.  

One Sunday, the post was a photography challenge featuring the art of Scriptor Senex*, otherwise known as John Edwards.  I found his photos and narrative to be stepping stones into a new land.   While other poets each chose a photo and wrote a poem from it--amazing poems that I wish I had written--I wrote a tribute to the man himself.  

Portrait of the Artist
He included the tribute in a post on his own blog, the last piece in a description of his experience in the garden which provides links to many of the poems he inspired.  You can read it here:  RAMBLES FROM MY CHAIR - my main blog: More about Real Toads.*

Small Copper
© John Edwards

*click here for a quick link.  Since this blog has stopped changing the color of links, I have starred each phrase that has a link to its own site.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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