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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inspiring Truth in Art


As I say on top of my poetry blog almost everything inspires me to write these days.  This video from 2009 is one of the visuals that I return to again and again to see the small strokes details sounds senses . . . how so little makes so much.  In her sand animation, Ukrainian artist Kseniya Simonova tells a story of the Ukraine's involvement in WWII so powerfully and sensually that it is also a poem and a dance.   It is truth in art.



Today Mrsupole's post on Theme Thursday convinced me that I should blog occasionally on the videos that inspire me.  You may want to visit his too!  And we'll meet back here to talk.




  1. hey susan, will stop back in shortly to view...my connection is really slow right now and taking forever to load...fascinted enough by the title to def be back though...see you in a bit...

  2. omg...that was so awesome....she is mad talented...she just kept transforming it...fascinating...the first time she threw dirt on it i was like wait!!! insane!

  3. Hi Brian, I see you made it back. This blows my mind again and again. The performance reminds me a little of back in the day when I was part of This River of Women"--a theatre company that made sure to have all of our performances signed for hearing impaired audience members. Sometimes the signing was so full and passionate that many watched the signing instead of the show. So here(as then) the frame contains both and only the camera keeps us focused on the story. I imagine if a storyteller or poet is good, a similar thing happens and a listener may forget the speaker for the spoken. I think the show of Catholic Mass is supposed to do the same thing.

  4. Hi Susan,

    All I can say is WOW!!!!

    That was truly amazing and she has so much talent. I think I was mesmerized and could not look away even for a second for fear that I might miss something. I have never seen anything that comes close to this video.

    I am pretty much not artistic when it comes to drawing or painting although my husband, daughters and most of the grandkids seem to be. I used to do pottery and was fairly decent at it but due to back problems could not continue. I sometimes have dreams of still doing it and so I know I really miss it. Oh well such is life.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video, it is a rare find and I cannot thank you enough.

    God bless.

  5. And thank you too for your great themes and inquisitive mind. Also, your video was great! I used pottery in my poem about poetry, just a glimmer of an idea. Here:

    Only Four Lines of Verse

    “. . . are needed to imprint out there and link it with in here, unless you make a story,” she said pushing up the wide brim of her cap and adjusting her sunglasses to show me two of me. “Even story (she laughed) I pinch down like clay pots. Using the same amount of clay--whether pinched, coiled or wheel-thrown--images appear.

    (I hope I didn't get it wrong. I have only made one pot in my life, but I still use it lots.)

  6. Been getting intermittent broadband of late, so will not chance the video right now. Love the style. Delightful blog.

  7. I am very honored that you visited, Dave. Haven't seen you in a while!

  8. The vision, and craftsmanship of that artist is truly awe inspiring - who ever though 'the sands of time' could come up with a new meaning like this...

  9. The vision, and craftsmanship of that artist is truly awe inspiring - who ever thought 'the sands of time' could come up with a new meaning like this...

    Thank you, Penny, for tussling with my blog mailer and leaving this post!

  10. Thank you for reintroducing me to an incredible artist - had seen her work a long while ago and now have a name to go with the burgeoning talents. Will go to YouTube as well and find more, add them to my "channel," as it were, JazzPoetAmy.

    I love that you simply posted your inspiration, and I know we'll see a poem out of this yet! Peace, Amy

  11. From your lips to God's ears. Sometimes I am speechless, which could be a state of prayer.


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