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Monday, November 26, 2012

Living Together: just a song or two

I'm posting a song today, inspired by my Thanksgiving and last week's prompt at Theme Thursday: "Theme Thursday for November 22, 2012 - TOGETHER."  Hokey?  Maybe.  I haven't thought about this song in YEARS. Here's another version, maybe better, but without as much instrumental as above:  

I love the sound better than the fashions of the time,  Who remembers the variety show?

Eight years later Sade took this sentiment in a slightly different direction:

Powerful, powerful, but Sade covered an even more powerful version: Timmy Thomas wrote the lyrics and the music and recorded in 1972 during the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights struggle in the USA:

On and on we go.  I hope the music of togetherness never stops.  Someday everyone will hear the music in the air and get it together, right now.


Annelisa said...

Hi Susan, Just to let you know, the email attached to this blog apparently doesn't work...I had a 'message undelivered' email saying so :-) Just thought you might like to know...

Susan said...

Fixed! Thank you.