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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Facing the lion and finding a lamb

Today I talked about my ideas (below) with the principal of FLC and found him to be interested and encouraging! He was concerned not to give students the freedom of the entire internet, and even more concerned that there would be a way to hold students to respectful behavior. I explained that I would receive a detailed daily transcript from the Tapped In site and that students would know this. He agreed that this was a constraint--at least I could show administrators and parents the violations/bullying and remove a person who wouldn't operate with netiquette/trust. I think that he was most interested in my goals, and was happy to hear me say I wanted to (1) get more students to actually do homework and (2) reach students who were more likely to look at the assignments if they were on line. (I made a more limited proposal than I put here, suggesting I try it with one class initially because both the students and I would be experimenting with a new learning environment.) Step One is over!


Mrs J. Hale said...

This sounds great! I am wondering if the students will do this as classwork or at home? How will you handle the students that don't have access? Will they be required to find a way, like most other schools? or will you arrange time?

maleeper said...

Have you set up the site on TappedIn yet? I'd like to see what you've done with it.