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Monday, June 29, 2015


Poets United: A CHAT WITH SUSAN CHAST ~ ON POETRY AND SOCIAL JUS...: My friends, get ready for a serious, but very enjoyable, conversation on a topic our community has demonstrated a concern about - our need ...

That's how Sherry's interview with me starts.  She is the political one--or maybe we make a team--her in ecology and me in social justice but both working to keep spirit alive and form right relations among all things/beings on earth.  And true to form, here's my birthday poem--not really a poem--but this blog is for discussion, not for poetry. 

Birthday Poem at Age 64

Looking at the birthday candles I think
Fire next time. And James Baldwin leans in to
my consciousness. I can't help it. This day
is a happy one, indeed. So many
people are paying attention to my
birthday that I am overwhelmed. And yet
I can't forget the Black churches burning
five of them—which wasn't what the wise man
had in mind. Build an Ark, he meant—better
yet—End Your Domination because when
God acts again, we won't be able to
float away from it in a movable.
feast—nothing as easy as camping might
seem in conditions exiles have endured
together. Fire next time. Equality
and respect are that urgent. As urgent
as blowing out these candles before they
burn down into the cake melting sugar
meant to make life sweet—my life—lovely. Sweet.

And I am 64.  Amazing.  I never expected to get this far.  And I have a sense there are many more years to go.  Of course one never knows.  But just in case, I'm going to include Parker Palmer's beautiful picture with Mary Oliver's poem here:

Now this poem is a gift to all of us!