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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Be it resolved ...

No, that's passive voice, legalese, Quakerspeak. I resolve--that's better--an active choice--that I will blog here at least once every two weeks on Friday afternoons or soon thereafter.

The parts I like in this blog are from when I was on a creative high and writing daily, bringing process thoughts here every other day, writing to think.

Since then, I have written a lot, mostly poems, but taken few pauses.


  • I am still writing with Jennifer in a productive weekly write and share event for which I am most grateful.  It meets a need for both of us and often helps us through blockades set up by us or others. It's also a question time, a praise time.
  • I am still visiting Poets United weekly, taking part in its small team of collaborators.  
  • I am still attending NewCORE monthly and following Ruby Sales, Reverend Barber, Black Lives Matter, and SURJ.  
  • I am still alive in all of my own isms: aging, women's rights, LGBT diversity, equality, environment.
  • I've finished the work of Marcelle's course on Living in Love based on her book Our Life is Love.
  • I've started the work of Eileen's course on Being Made for this Moment
  • In preparation for accepting my leadings, I am working on one New Year's resolution--only one: to unknot and dispel negative thinking and end debilitating negative interior monologues. This is  "living in love." 
  • In keeping with my resolution, I have withdrawn from my URG #2 planning group.  I love our project to set up a Co-Creating Racial Justice program on the model of the Spiritual Discipline program of BYM.  I believe it's needed and brilliant, but I get so many negative thoughts about waiting and making mistakes in the realm of undoing racism that I have to let go.  I have to heal myself.  The problem isn't really with anyone else but me and my own privilege. If I can stay in conversations about race and intervene in white supremacy and hate speech more directly I will hurt and heal more productively.  I said I'd be on call for direct action.
  • I've been wanting to tutor, so I'm working on setting that up starting with 1x a week. That is what I will establish in the next two weeks, I think. Reading Eileen Flanagan's book Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope reminded me again that my search is also the journey of her subtitle.
That's all for today folks. I have avoided mentioning the elephant in the room--the fact that DT is the President Elect.  A shock like 9/11. An unthinkable that makes all liberals have to reevaluate our intentional living, especially those who worked for other candidates.  I worked for Hillary Clinton.

I'll write more as way opens.

Oh!  One more thing.  This was Richard Rohr's exercise today--totally timely:
Turn it upside down and say, in first person, present tense, an affirmation of your God-given value. For example:
I am unlovable. . . . I am infinitely loved.
I don’t have enough. . . . I have everything I need.
I am stupid. . . . I have the mind of Christ.
I am worthless. . . . I am precious in God’s eyes, I am honored, and God loves me.
Repeat the positive statement aloud, slowly, with intention and trust, several times. Then rest silently in the awareness that you are already and forever, without any effort or achievement on your part, a beloved child of God.

Gateway to Silence:
Create in me a new heart, O God.