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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Does Your Life Support You in Your Creative Process?

Deep Creativity 365
I've been writing to Tanya's free prompts.  

This is the one for Day 33:
WRITE:How do I get beyond my own perceived limitations? How do I get down to my own core creative process? How can I begin and complete something meaningful?How to I open to discover/receive my breakthrough? What most needs to be broken through?I hope to God that you have begun working on your dream project, one baby step at a time if necessary. Don’t waste this year. Don’t waste this support.
For the love of story,Tanya

After reading Tanya's entire story and considering the prompt in my thought journal, I wrote to Tanya:
This post left me crying.  For the first time in my life I can say YES, YES, YES, I have the three spaces needed for my creative process: physical, psychic and emotional.  I feel the baby steps and the breakthrough--not always what I expected, but YAY!   Good, Golly, Ms. Tanya--you are the spirit guide at the right time for me, you are my lucky star, and all you need to do is keep being who you are and doing what you are led to do.  Thank you for giving, thank you for baring your heart and risking vulnerability--I know there is no other way--in the service of creativity.  This is a marvelous book you are writing.  And I can't even say I am doing it everyday, but do you know why?  Because it is working!! I am creating one of my dream works.  I am not scattered, but on a path.  Posts like this one help me to recognize and to affirm it, but I love them all. 
Hugs.Love, Susan
I want to remember that I felt this way today after the doubt I felt all weekend.  I spent over an hour today telling Israa stories from my novel because when I went to the basement to do my laundry I found her sorting piles of linens.  I immediately thought of the Miller's daughter in Rumpelstiltskin, who is charged with turning a room full of straw into gold.  (I want to include a retelling of this story in my novel.)  Israa's response was that she wants to read my book.  Wow.  Better finish it quick for Israa!  

Stories already in my novel are: Wendy's Laughter, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I Never Went to Paris (Helene's Story), The Singing Cowboys, The Frozen Words and . . . did I include a version of The Three Little Pigs?  of my Joan Jet performance? The other one I researched to use is The Emperor's New Clothes. I'm thinking to include another Greek myth, Philomela (The Story of the Nightingale).

I'll write more as way opens.

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