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Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Really Matters

To get up from sleep
To get dressed (or not)
To be kind to someone
To give and receive inspiration and affection
To make love
To witness
To be 

Copyright © 2016  Susan L. Chast

Posted for Poets United 

Poetry Pantry #284


  1. Yes, those ARE indeed things that really do matter!

  2. These are the little things in life which really matter. Delightful read :D

    Lots of love,

  3. This is wonderful! Simple, balanced, deliciously alive... a New Year's gift. Thank you, Susan! ♥

  4. I agree those are things that matter. I have been doing some meditation myself these last couple of weeks. It does give one a new perspective in the journey.

  5. luv the question of your video "What really mattered"

    it can be not just a new year question but a day end question through out the whole of 2016. Thanks for sharing your poem and video

    Wishing you health happiness and lots of creative essence in 2016

    much love...

  6. All we need for happiness...these matter most! Happy New Year!

  7. Indeed. Very true and meaningful.
    Wish you a very happy new year :)

  8. A great sentiment - yes that does matter

  9. It's so important to know what matters and what doesn't. I like these thoughts as we begin a new year. Hope we all focus on what matters.

  10. that's All that Glitters Susan! those are what makes a good soul exist!

  11. All good things that really matter. I especially like choosing to not get dressed. Today is one of those stay-in-my-jammies days.
    Gayle ~

  12. How important all of these are but are so easily put aside as unimportant but they are what makes us feel alive and good about ourselves.

  13. The last line - To be - is a perfect definition to start the year. It's vague but it's not. :-)

    Happy New Year, Susan.

  14. Ah-h-h these small mercies. A succinct and eloquent write.

  15. To be exactly what one chooses to be. No one should be allowed to shape the destiny of others against their will.


  16. You said it right... This all that matters :)

  17. How very true and what a good time to be reminded of these points.

  18. Those are indeed the best things - i am sure you are well on your way to being Mrs Mindfulness also!


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