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Friday, January 1, 2016

Dear Gabe, Beautiful Young Black Man

 (still a very rough draft)

You rise up defiant, refusing to
be victim and rejecting too the rage
that joins human with animal: our fight
or flight response so instinctual that
observing and expressing it is art,
is miracle.  You are a star, closer
than I deserve, necessary as food
if change is possible, if white can hear
and alter the experience of black
in America, the united states
of oppression. A Friend tells me we are
problem solvers, tells me to ask about
the problem I am here to solve.  It’s fear—
my fear opposes love and spreads more fear.
You talk about your pain and I say tell
me more, please, never stop opening doors
you dare open in youth and certainty.
You solve the silence, trust where you could fear,
gift all with eloquence. You are a star
rising up.  Guide me by continuing.

Let me pledge your safety and keep my word.

Susan Chast