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Friday, November 20, 2015

Mindful Monday: Love and Kindness Practice

I totally enjoyed doing this today (Friday, not Monday).  I've been working with loving kindness to me and to friends and needed a break before moving forward.  

I don't know this young teacher's name.  He calls himself JusTMindfulness (this link goes to his You Tube Channel where he has many more videos, some of them lessons).  This one is a little fast and wordy, but since he's talking to children as well as adults, the concepts are swiftly accessible to me.  And since I've worked his breathing mindfulness videos, I know how to prepare the body for leaving tension behind and still imaging who I wanted to see and even larger things.

Two months ago, this video would not have seemed too short.  I'm learning/changing.  I meditated in the physical therapist's waiting room earlier this morning and I'll be entering that state again before the evening is over.


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