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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Meditating more than once a day!


Today and yesterday I meditated with  Stage 2 – Cultivating metta towards a good friend
A friend is by definition someone whose well-being is important to us. When they feel bad it upsets us, and when they feel good it’s pleasing to us. So a friend is someone we already have metta for, and what we’re doing is strengthening that metta.
The above flower is from its page on whether to use the same person or vary.  For these two days, I brought in my friend Jennifer Elam who is once more in Kentucky to care for aging parents.  May she experience loving-kindness in her visit.

I hope I experience again today the ease with which I meditated right after Physical Therapy, laying on an ice pack, but still, and for almost 20 minutes.  Then again with ice pack after hurting my back cleaning.  And then again for 10 more minutes while waiting for the Buds of Jesus to arrive. Wonderful!  I felt kinder all evening to myself and to each of them.  My grin was genuine.  There is nothing better.