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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Meditating on November 7 and 8

Today, at about 9:00 am I did Guided Mindful Breathing and Listening with Hip Hop Artist JusTme.  I've done this one before and knew his voice would calm and remind me how to return after drifting and how to stop judgement.  Then I downloaded meditation bells on my new cell phone and on this huge screen.  I found this amazing recording of Tribe 1's song, and put it here to use in meditating as well.  Wow!

Yesterday I meditated myself to sleep again, but between the aisles of the theatre at Westtown School during PYM Continuing Sessions.  As I explained on Facebook:
I'm tired out from a full day of PYM sessions--big groups, small groups, upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside. I took one nap between the aisles of an auditorium, guarded by two lions, and then left a little early to have another one all evening. But, it was a full day of no-brace endurance--a first! I'm grateful for everyone who helped with golf-cart rides, and hands up and companionship. I'm grateful for every surprise and change and evidence of growth. What a day!
The two lions were Pamela Haynes and Charlie Randall from the Pamplets Working Group at Pendle Hill.

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