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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 3 and 4: Dealing with muscle-recovery pain and uncertainty

I've been distracted, but I've been using the meditation challenge to assist me with both the physical and the emotional disturbances.

Physical therapy has been making me test muscles that I haven't moved for a while.  I have been frightened that the pain means I'm pulling too hard on the surgery itself.  One of the physical therapists and I discussed the issue.  She suggested I go back on pain meds for a while so that I can do the work I need to do.  I increased the Lyrica again to 3 pills a day--as it was before--to see if that will work before I try the other.   

Emotionally, I was frustrated when the carpenters who are now ripping out and replacing my kitchen floor and my gutters didn't start on Monday!  Grrr.  And they didn't call.  And I had cleared out my kitchen and my schedule for them.  I used to smoke cigarettes while waiting.  I've learned that meditation works better.  Cigs are another med I will not go back to since I left them behind to afford retirement.  Yup.  Almost $100 extra per month.  They started today, Wednesday, and all is going well.  But if they need 5 days and keep me out of the kitchen over the weekend, I may need meditation medication for stress again.  Just saying.

Yesterday, I tried the breathing all day and finally let it move me into a fitful nap.  After I cancelled the day's plans to walk in the woods with Amy, I tried again.  I think I was successful as I woke three hours later rested and without pain.

Today, I worked with my own breath again along with an Alexander technique body survey.  Wonderful.  It must have lasted about 10 minutes before I added healing, love and hugs--for me, for the world, for the people I am holding in the Light.

I used to explode with anger.  I can see that Meditation is giving me time to pause and take better care of myself.  What a relief.