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Monday, November 2, 2015

Day 2: Centering Meditation, Letting it Go

I missed the 7am "Meditate with Amanda" time, which unsettled me a little; and then I cancelled my 8am "Monday Worship with Amy" time because today the carpenters rip out my kitchen floor to replace it and I didn't hear from them and so didn't know when they would arrive.  Uncentered.  The carpenters--Rose Carpentry--finally called at 8am--to say they wouldn't begin until Wednesday. That's when anger totally de-centered me, but expressing it wouldn't help. I did gripe about the lack of communication and how I had cleared most of the kitchen.  And they said "sorry" but what else could they do?

So I chose Richard Gerner's Centering Meditation to guide me today, a meditation that I had already downloaded to my Desktop media player because Amanda had recommended Richard's page in her opening letter:
  • Download Insight Timer App onto your smart phone or tablet.  It's free and you'll have hundreds of meditations to chose from.
  • Read Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Chris Germer.  (I downloaded it from Barnes and Nobles but it's a hard copy book.)
It is a 15-minute meditation, but I tell you that it felt like only 3 minutes!  The phrases that came to me were "Stop hurting me" then "Stop hurting" then "Let it Go" and eventually "Stop.  Let it Go." became my centering phrase. It is I who have to stop obsessing and let it go if I am going to remain centered and respect myself.

And there you have it.  My belly has softened; and this is a prayer that has God written all over it.

I am going to try to return here at night and do another meditation-while-writing that Jennifer Elam suggested to me: Where did I see--when did I spend time with--God today?

I also want to do all of Tara Brach's Meditations !  
Amanda is spending a weekend on her:  
Just listened to Tara Brach last podcast on anxiety and self aversion. Wow that hit home. I'm going to take her up on the challenge she offers there. I still haven't registered for her de conditioning the fear body workshop because... I'm afraid! But it's this weekend. Anyone interested in going?
Tara Brach's talks are HERE

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