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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My response to the Daily Good: One Poem That Saved a Forest, by Jacqueline Suskin

One Poem that Saved a Forest

I like the idea that any art, especially theatre and poetry can affect social change.  In Jacqueline's essay/poem above, she adds a lot to the art: time+acquaintance+ second poem+ friendship+ connections+ relationship, but in the end she helped bring about the change.  Was it her poetry?  Maybe not so much as her willingness to follow through on the connection with her time.  

But I'm thinking about the stories of change in Walter Wink's The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium.  His Chapter 8 "But What If . . .?"  goes beyond hesitation and fear to creatively "provoking a sense of wonder" which is a mode of nonviolent response to violence.  Art can easily fall into this category. Jacqueline's poetry and her being did this and changed a man's approach to destroying environments for timber.  It took time, but it worked.  Did she aim for that change?  Probably not initially, but she rode the impulse when it arose.  I am impressed.

In her story, the perpetrator of violence initiated the contact.  But what if we have to begin by putting our creations in unusual settings or even creating in unusual settings, putting our bodies where the change needs to take place?

I'm thinking that even though I cannot march in protests, I could take my tablet there and sit with my cane and/or walker to write on the spot and give away my attempts whether I think them poor or rich.  Who knows what could happen?