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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Foreign Land

After lumbar fusion surgery and 4 weeks in a rehab center, I happily returned home to my 2nd floor apartment, feeling ready for everything, not expecting to find myself exploring a foreign land. Physical therapy had been pretty thorough, but couldn't predict every possibility.  I've had a few accidents, yet LOVE being independent--or almost--again.  Some thoughts from Day 2:

(for Michelle)

Home again, she slides under ceiling fans
to sleep off the travails of rehab-inns—
weak coffees, un-opened windows and air-
conditioning. Treading carefully, she
navigates naked wooden floors, applies
every tip her physical therapists
predicted she'd need not to bend, lift
and twist and she succeeds unless surprised:

Spills, for example. She makes herself Real
Coffee. Ah-ah-ahh! She sets her cup on
a coaster while thinking of her new walker
as parallel bars for leg strengthening
and instantly her coveted drink splats
the floor instead of her throat from dragging
her fingers absentmindedly across
cup top. Shocked still, she invents solutions:

Throws down towels and uses her Reacher
to spread them wide enough to stand upon.
Every minute needs mind control, every
move needs her attention. She drops a pill—
her last Percocet—neither her toes nor
her broom yields it up, and, scared, she holds still
till she decides to sprawl face up in bed
and count breaths until they calm her body:

Pain throbs but quieter so she can hear
herself create steps to solve this surprise.
Surprise! Re-mapping her body evolves
her mind to handle the unexpected
and she begins to trust she can do it,
live alone universe in universe,
if she's vigilant and able to rest
when alertness drains her resources. Peace.

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast