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Monday, August 18, 2014

Watch live: The Autopsy

Michael Brown Preliminary Autopsy Diagram
A partial image of Dr. Michael Baden's preliminary autopsy report 
obtained by NBC News from attorney Anthony Gray, 
who represents Michael Brown's family.

The Autopsy

The national guard arrives to quell pro-
tests outside while medical agents test-
ify to Brown family survivors:
Six bullets struck him:
shown on generic
male outline, front and
back.  No color. 
No blood.  Yet, diverse
scenarios are
suggested based on
wounds of grazing, ex-
its and reentries.
Standard passive voice
admits no actors:
scenarios are
suggested.  Marks of
ground abrasions  on
his face are the signs
of struggle, none else.
No outlines are shown of the officer
who shot the bullets. Any signs of fight?
Signs of flight?  No one asks. Hands up.  One more.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


  1. a difficult tragic topic dealt with professionally, highlighting the social actions laws and forensic processes. The purpose of poetry is starkly manifest in this poem.

    1. Thank you, Anjum. Maybe I am learning from Mama Zen!

  2. we are so far away from the word civilization...miles to go...

    1. I have to thank you for identifying or at least empathizing. It makes me feel change is possible.


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