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Saturday, August 16, 2014


An SUV blocks my driveway
an obstacle
to the ease of getaway
from my house and garage
near a busy church
in a gorgeous black suburb. 

Call the police and
don’t wait,  interrogate
everyone and the flowers too
white rose of the church
red rose of mine and
one stubborn navy SUV. 

Stewardship and right-of-way
entitlement with mortgage
and school tax and
insurance and interest
with no parking no trespassing—
or else why bother?

Such an asshole, I swear
too close to a church member’s  
daughter and whoa!
colors swirl around me
muddying the red rage
flowing from my ears. 

I am white and
my house is brick
as the church and
my car is Korean
a robin’s-egg blue
stick-shift standard. 

The day is yellow
and redder than red
as frustration grows
I cannot remember why
I wanted to get out
just the inconvenience. 

Offensive to defensive
my fence protects all
but my driveway and
I don’t even wonder
how privileged I ought to
be because I am me and

Lucky living in this locale
that uses words instead of
bullets even when I am
the mean one and—looking
around— see nothing
but kindness and thoughtfulness. 

Calming down, calm
down the lady, calm—
and as if on cue
a neighbor woman emerges
and drives her car away while
we—them and me—we
who look on are speechless. 

She had no right!  We reach 
consensus without even trying
as the red rage retreats to my ears
and I see through clear 
brown eyes so when someone
laughs I sit near and smile too.

Posted for Corey's 

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.....

at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


Grace said...

Are you talking about me? There are times I get rattled too quickly and have to remind myself to calm down, calm down ~ I admire the use of colors to express your rage & thank goodness for using words instead of bullets ~

Helen said...

Susan you took from seething to soothing .. With a neighborhood peek and a bit of you as well. Loved it.

Björn Rudberg said...

Ha.. sometimes we get upset about those little things.. you have used those colors real well.. and what a bliss that those laughter comes at last.. we can be quite ridiculous when we are angry,.. :-)

But bad parking habits upset me too..

Anonymous said...

A very topical poem, Susan, agh-- frustration arises from all kinds of causes, and you've described how the mind works when it feels blocked and hemmed in, and all goes to primary shades--a wonderful self-aware energy here. Thanks. k.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Susan, this was wonderful. I love the tone, the rhythm, the pauses... the speed that starts hot and a mile a minute, and ends in a smile that tells a tale of a speaker willing to forgive self, others and even laugh a little at terrible silliness of the whole situation. Just wonderful.

Herotomost said...

Susan, I have to say that you paint life in such an accurate light in everything you write. You make identifying with the situation so effortless and thats not an easy thing to do. Many thanks for always checking out my challenges, I have been so absent lately mostly because of work and so forth and want to get back into the mix of things. You are rock solid Susan and I love you for that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you've tapped into something in the psychology of cars, primal even. and who among us hasn't needed a talking-down? ~

Susan said...

Thank you, Hero, Thank you for the wonderfully methodical prompt.