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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

31 Words Seeking Poetry

From 7-23-2014, an unfinished poem, from me and my Aquarius rising, posted today for Isadora's Poems in Progress at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads:

Whether to expand or shrink through prayer
is surely a problem of semantics
of small experiential interest.

Are flowers obstacles to a garden?
What of their soil, water, air and sun?

I cannot remember why I was thinking of questioning prayer's growth-inducing properties or thinking of prayer as a flower or as an elements needed to support the life of flora, bees and anything that grows.  I cannot remember why I stuck to 8-foot lines that have no metrical integrity.

I don't have a next line; I have no experiment or experience to suggest.  One or the other or both would save this would-be-poem from extinction!

Thank you.

Note:  As we write this poem, help me by visiting more than once! 

One solution, Thursday at 7pm: 

Prayer doesn't change anything
naivete says, and I sigh.
Intangibles like insurance
charge sky high for certain returns
which prayer cannot do, for sure.

But the hand of prayer holds me—
it has my back.  And being held
in the Light does something like that.
For a meeting, the sure attention
means guardians on our path.

But I still want to try character as suggested below!