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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meeting My Buddy Jesus

More essay than poem, this is the story of something-I-had-forgotten until I went to Jennifer Elam's gallery opening and reading at Pendle Hill in January 2014. Jennifer, artist, psychologist and author of  Dancing with God Through the Storm read from her new book about her experience with cancer.  One chapter makes close encounters with Jesus more than real and reminds me to check out my own reality.  How do I invite awareness of God's presence?  

Meeting My Buddy Jesus

Let me admit this up front:
this Jewish-Pagan-Quaker
asexual bisexual
female spirit has been a
friend of Jesus for more than
three decades now.  I’m not much
on Paul and the builders of
Christianity, but the
big three—G-d-Christ-and-Spirit
are with me.  Here’s how it flies:

Gd-be-with-ye is ALL, and
Jesus is a channel there.
Much easier to talk to
someone like us than to ALL —
which would seem like talking to
myself.   I am not crazy.
I feel my spirit—something
ALL living things have—befriend
Jesus Christ who manifests
G-d, who is the son of G-d,
who meets ALL with G-d’s spirit.

It was Ken who first clued me
in to this Buddy Jesus: 
A retired navy man who
worked on nuclear subs, Ken used
to take me sailing with him
and his Buddy Jesus, out
in Hampton Bay near the sea
and—truth to tell—I did think
he was crazy until he
got cancer and approached
death with his Buddy Jesus
at his side, sustaining him.

Ken’s Buddy Jesus filled him
with ALL.  I had never seen
anything like that glow—and
Ken, he never called him Lord
or Savior but trusted him
with ALL of his heart and kept
facing where Jesus led him
to face and talking about
it.  So we ALL were with him
as he became more and more
transparent and let us see
through him: Jesus Christ held
his hand as he embraced G-d.

Such peace and joy on Ken’s face
led me to trust my burden—
this thing I carried with ALL
my experience in it
like a suitcase but nothing
I could put down or lift up
myself.  My Buddy Jesus
helps me carry it and
see its light and shadow as
my own.   I am huge with this
baggage; I cast a long and
unique shadow which is ALL
gift and burden and Jesus.

To be Continued ...     


Kay L. Davies said...

The glow, the peace, the joy...all wonderful, and full of wonder.

Katrina's mom said...

Embracing the mystery-thanks for sharing Susan.

Katrina's mom said...

Embracing the mystery. Thanks for sharing Susan.